Blog Revamp

Blog Revamp

Currently I’m still revamping and fixing this blog after my VPS died and also causing this blog’s backend, that using wordpress, died.

The effect is many of the images did not load because it is hosted in wordpress. Fortunately, because Gatsby pull out all data from wordpress when built, the post is saved and I still have the images of all post in my hard drive.

For now I host all of the content in this blog in github and write the post using markdown. At least I have the physical back up of the file in case something bad happen in the future.

I also archive many post and keep some of post that still relevant for me. In the future I’ll write more English post to practice my english writing. And I know the grammar will be very bad, but at least I tried.

I remove google analytics and disqus comment, so they won’t track visitor of this blog. I’m so sorry for all this blog’s visitor. I started trying to stay away from using google products and another service that may track someone. And for the comment itself, I’ll thinking about it in the future.

And also for now, I private the repo of this blog until I finish the revamp and fix.